TYGRIS Cutting and Tapping Fluid – 12 x 400 ml aerosols

Product Code: R214
  • For cutting and tapping – reaming and turning.
  • Extreme pressure additives for difficult materials.
  • High pressure foaming discharge to aid penetration.
  • Prolongs tool life and improves machined finish.
  • Reduces heat build up.
  • Suitable for use on all metals.
  • Incorporates corrosion inhibitors.
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Cutting and Tapping Fluid R214 contains extreme pressure additives to reduce tool wear and improve machined finish.
A ready to use cutting and tapping fluid in aerosol, specially formulated to improve tool performance and extend tool life. Prevents pitting, galling and metal seizure and is suitable for use on hard to work metals including stainless steel, titanium, aluminium and tool steel.

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TYGRIS Cutting & Tapping Fluid

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