Barrier Cream

We offer a range of barrier creams for industrial pre-work hand protection, from the world’s best brands.

  • Barrier cream helps protect the hands from contaminants while at work.
  • Apply barrier cream to clean hands before work and during breaks.
  • Some pre-work barrier creams protect against damage from dry dirt such as cement, wood dust, graphite, etc.
  • Some barrier creams protect against wet products like oils, greases, and chemicals.
  • Specialist barrier creams offer protection against ink and dye contamination, resins, adhesives, etc.
  • Barrier cream helps to lock in moisture so that hands remain hydrated.
  • Some barrier creams such as Stoko Emulsion and Protect + are ideal for hand protection under gloves. (Gloves can cause sweating that might induce dermatitis, or other allergic reactions).