Deb Skin Safety Cradle System

The Deb SKIN SAFETY CRADLE SYSTEM is an ideal solution for mobile operatives, vans, work cabins, site operations, and areas with limited space.

The Deb SKIN SAFETY CRADLE SYSTEM affords a complete 3-step procedure for protecting, cleansing & sanitizing the skin, specially designed for situations where water is not available.

Provides a waterless hand cleanser, hand sanitizer, and a pre-work barrier cream that doubles as an after work reconditioning cream.

  • Deb Skin Safety Cradle is compact and easy to install into a limited space.
  • No maintenance – No mechanical parts, pumps are incorporated into each cartridge.
  • Cradle dimensions: 260(h) x 305(w) x 95(d)mm
  • Highly Durable – manufactured from tough, robust plastics.
  • Wipe-Clean Surface.
  • Economical – Cartridges deliver a measured dose to control cost-in-use; up to 750 applications per cartridge.