Swarfega JIZER BIO – 4 x 5 litre Jerrycans

Product Code: JIB60K or JIB76R

Deb Swarfega JIZER BIO solvent-free degreaser

  • Concentrated – Can be used neat or diluted depending on the level of soiling for maximum cost efficiency.
  • Solvent Free – Low odour makes it pleasant to use and safe in confined spaces.
  • Biodegradable – Will degrade in sewage systems. (Local conditions may vary, for further advice contact Deb or the Environment Agency).
  • Low Caustic Content – special precautions not needed and unlikely to attack alkali sensitive metals.
  • The advanced blend of surfactants breaks down the heaviest deposits for effective cleaning.
  • Soil Suspending Agents prevent the re-depositing of contaminants.


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