SUPER-COOL Semi-Synthetic Heavy Duty Metalworking Coolant – 25 litre drum

Product Code: SUPER25L

SUPER-COOL is a multi-purpose, heavy duty, biostable watermix, semi-synthetic cutting fluid.

SUPER-COOL forms a clear blue emulsion on dilution, which remains clear, thus aiding the operator. It is biocide-free yet protected against fungal growth.

SUPER-COOL maintains its lubricating properties and stability at high temperatures, and will not produce toxic fumes. The biocidal technology incorporated, combined with a specially selected fungicide, provides a fluid of exceptional sump life, even under the most arduous conditions.


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CHANGING TO CUT-COOL: Changing to SUPER-COOL from other soluble or mineral oil based coolants entails first thoroughly cleaning, purging and sterilising the system to eliminate resident bacteria. This can be achieved using our SYSTEM CLEANER, which is entirely compatible with SUPER-COOL and available from stock. In addition, a proper procedure for regular draining and cleaning of machine coolant systems, and coolant renewal, should be implemented. A typical renewal cycle would be 6 months.

DILUTION: SUPER-COOL dilutes with up to 30 parts water for milling, counterboring, drilling, and with up to 15 parts water for broaching, hobbing, tapping, sawing and reaming. To avoid creating an invert emulsion always add CUT-COOL to water, and not water to CUT-COOL .

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SUPER-COOL Semi-Synthetic HD Metal Working Fluid

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