Stokolan LIGHT GEL – single 1 litre cartridge

Product Code: SGE1L-1
  • Very swiftly absorbed
  • High moisturising effect
  • Ideal for use on larger areas of skin such as arms and legs, as well.
  • Refreshing gel formulation
  • Contains the skin’s own energy booster, creatin
  • Contains urea and glycerine
  • Non-oily after-work care gel for hands and face.

Please note: this refill cartridge will not fit the original Stoko dispensers


This product has now been discontinued by DEB, we recommend the following DEB Stokolan Hand & Body SBL1L-1 as a replacement:

Stokolan Hand & Body case of 1 litre cartridges (


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Stokolan Light Gel (formerly Stokolan Soft & Care) – single refill cartridge.

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Weight 3 kg

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