Opus DRI-WORK Barrier Cream – 6 x 600 ml tubs

Product Code: DRIWK600

Opus DRI-WORK Barrier Cream in a case of 6 x 600 ml tubs.

Opus DRI-WORK barrier cream is in the form of a stiff paste that works into the hands easily and quickly without leaving a greasy feel.

Opus Dry-Work barrier cream has been formulated to give operatives protection against dry, oil or solvent based materials such as mineral oils, dust, grease, general factory grime, cements, hydrocarbon solvents, solvent or oil based adhesives, lacquers, varnishes, rubber, diesel oils, dyes, stains, lubricating compounds, printing inks, polishes, paints, bitumens etc.

 Typical Applications are: manufacturing plants, light engineering operations, oil & gas, automotive industry, ship building, civil engineering and construction, printing, welding, etc.
Opus DRI-WORK BARRIER CREAM  has a pleasant fragrance, is kind to the skin, and non-toxic.
Manufactured to extremely high standards using pharmaceutical grade ingredients.


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