Opus BAC-HAND Antibacterial Liquid Soap – 2 x 5 litres

Product Code: BHAND2X5L

SUPERIOR ANTI-BACTERIAL SOAP – bulk-fill in a case of 2 x 5 litre containers.

  • Opus BAC-HAND is a pleasant to use antibacterial hand soap, developed for hospitals, care services, schools, the food processing and catering industries etc.
  • Gentle lathering
  • Deep cleansing sensation that is capable of removing a wide variety of soils.
  • BAC-HAND is free-rinsing, thus eliminating the “sticky” feel associated with some soft soaps.
  • Complies with the latest BIOCIDE DIRECTIVES.
  • Contains a powerful sanitizer, effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria.
  • Equally active in both hard and soft water.


May be used with our 900 ml bulk fill dispenser 4LR-WWB, or any other bulk fill soap dispenser.


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  • BAC-HAND antibacterial liquid soap is fragrance-free, preferred in the food industry, and employs no harsh chemicals or solvents. The risk of skin damage and infections is thus dramatically reduced.
  • For added protection, skin conditioning agents are incorporated into the formulation.
  • BAC-HAND medicated soap is suitable for all industries where a sanitizing soap is required, including nursing homes, hospitals, schools, janitorial, manufacturing, etc., but especially for the food processing industry and catering, where sanitizing properties are essential.
  • Use regularly to prevent cross infection from hand contact.

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Bac-Hand Antibacterial Liquid Soap

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