INDIGO Toilet De-scaler – 4 x 5 litres

Product Code: INDIGO4X5L


  • INDIGO Toilet Descaler is an advanced formula blue lavatory and urinal cleaner.
  • Thickened phosphoric acid base for safe and effective cleaning and descaling.
  • INDIGO safely cleans stainless steel and ceramic urinals and toilets and chromium plated fittings.

INDIGO Toilet Descaler should be applied directly to the surface to be cleaned. Its thickened formulation will ensure that it does not run off prematurely and will remain in place and active until brushed or flushed away. Agitate as necessary to remove stubborn staining and scale deposits. Leave to dwell for 10 to 15 minutes before flushing the toilet.



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  • INDIGO toilet descaler dissolves organic matter, limescale and uric acid scale build-up without brushing.
  • Removes unsightly stains.
  • Kills germs, odours and bacteria at source.
  • Leaves a fresh fragrance.
  • Regular use will maintain deposit-free, sparkling, hygienic fittings, with minimum effort, and without the need for harsh abrasives.

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INDIGO Toilet De-Scaler

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