GRIND-COOL Synthetic Grinding Fluid Concentrate – 4 x 5 litres

Product Code: GRIND4X5L

GRIND-COOL is a high active blend of synthetic lubricants and inhibitors, specially formulated to provide a safe, efficient, high-speed grinding coolant that is economical and free of mineral oils. 

  • GRIND-COOL is suitable for most metal cutting operations on a variety of feedstocks where a non-foaming coolant is required.
  • It is also suitable for use in ceramics and glass grinding/cutting.
  • GRIND-COOL maintains its lubricating properties at high temperatures, relying on chemical action for its efficiency.
  • Tool life is greatly improved, and a superior finish is also achieved. GRIND-COOL is thus very cost-effective.
  • Classified as non-hazardous, GRIND-COOL is also non-carcinogenic, and less likely to induce occupational dermatitis than mineral oil based products.
  • It will not turn rancid or produce offensive odours.
  • GRIND-COOL forms a clear liquid when diluted with water and in use, thus aiding the operator.


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CHANGING TO GRIND-COOL: Changing to GRIND-COOL from soluble or mineral oil based coolants entails first thoroughly cleaning, purging and sterilising the system to eliminate resident bacteria. This can be achieved using our SYSTEM CLEANER, which is entirely compatible with GRIND-COOL and available from stock. In addition, a proper procedure for regular draining and cleaning of machine coolant systems, and coolant renewal, should be implemented. A typical renewal cycle would be 6 months.

DILUTIONS: GRIND-COOL dilutes with up to 30 parts water for grinding, milling, counterboring, drilling, and with up to 15 parts water for broaching, hobbing, tapping, sawing and reaming. To avoid creating an invert emulsion always add GRIND-COOL to water, and not water to GRIND-COOL .


  • Free of mineral oils
  • No toxic fumes
  • High resistance to bacteria
  • Will not go rancid
  • Extended tool life
  • Contains effective rust inhibitors
  • Non-carcinogenic
  • Less risk of dermatitis
  • Suitable for a variety of feedstocks
  • Cost-effective
  • Non-hazardous

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GRIND-COOL Synthetic Grinding Fluid

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