GERM-STOP – 4 x 5 litres

Product Code: GERM4X5L

Germ-Stop, a high quality sanitising food area degreaser (FAD) concentrate

  • GERM-STOP is a sanitizing quality hard surface cleaner and food area degreaser, incorporating high active detergents and powerful quaternary bactericides to provide effective germ kill and removal of fats, oils and greases.
  • Excellent for one-stage cleaning and disinfecting. The blend of QAC bactericides provides a wide spectrum of activity against micro-organisms commonly encountered in food processing areas.


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  • Preferred to chlorinated products because of its lack of odour.
  • Safe on all materials of construction.
  • Ideal for use on all work surfaces, machinery, baking tins and utensils, plant, bain maries, process equipment, conveyors etc.
  • Dilutes quickly in hot or cold water, and its emulsifying action holds dirt and grease in suspension, enabling easy rinsing.
  • At higher concentrations in hot water it will emulsify even solidified grease and oils.
  • Use by spray, sponge, or mop and bucket. First dilute GERM-STOP with up to 40 parts water, preferably hot, according to strength of solution required. Apply, and allow to dwell for a few moments, then rinse off with clean, fresh water. Conforms to BS 1276.
  • For cleaning and disinfecting hard surfaces at QAP 50, GERMSTOP is designed to be capable of dilution at 1:60, conforming to BS 6424:1984.

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Weight 22 kg

Disinfectants, Food Industry Cleaners


Cleaner/Degreaser, Hard Surface Cleaners, Sanitizers

Food Industry

Germ-STOP Sanitizing Food Area Degreaser

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