Fly-Shield TWO – 36 watt glue board insect killer

Product Code: FG2CSS

Using two 18 watt energysaver lamps, this unit is suited for restaurants, supermarkets, reception areas and serveries, as well as food prep areas.

  • Stylish, contemporary design made in UK
  • Discreet glue tray – easy to replace without tools
  • Suitable for wall mounting only
  • Stainless steel construction
  • High attraction energy saver lamps
  • Attracts flying insects within an area of 70 – 180 square metres
  • CE approved and formally tested to BSEN 60598-1
  • Size: 58.5cm x 25cm x 14cm

Replacement lamps: 2 x TL18WX standard, or 2 x TL18*WS shatter-resistant

Replacement glue-board: MG2TRA


£190.80 inc. VAT

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Weight 8 kg

Glue Board

Glue Board

Fly-Shield TWO

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