FLEXIBAC – 25 litre drum

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FLEXI-BAC is a technically advanced, bactericidal cleaner product that is safe to use on any surface that will tolerate water.

  • Because of its advanced bactericidal properties, it is an extremely useful product in the Food Processing Industries. In addition, it is a very efficient and effective heavy-duty formulation.
  • FLEXI-BAC may be used on interior walls and floors, worktops, oven tops, painted surfaces, tiles, etc. to remove fats, oil, grime, nicotine, carbon, ink,dyes, creosote, and most stubborn soiling in kitchens, restaurants, garages, factories, etc.


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  • Such is the versatility of FLEXI-BAC, that it may even be used as a pressure washer additive for cleaning both interiors and exteriors of delivery vans. Hence, it has the potential to replace several different cleaning products, thus avoiding confusion and providing storage economy.
  • FLEXI-BAC is suitable for use by most cleaning techniques – mopping, scrubbing, spraying and pressure washing. It is very economical as it can be diluted with up to 60 parts water, depending on the severity of the application. When used as a power wash additive, dilution rate can be up to 100:1, hot or cold.

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Weight 28 kg

Food Industry Cleaners


Bactericidal, Cleaner/Degreaser, Hard Surface Cleaners

Food Industry

FLEXI-BAC Bactericidal Cleaner

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