Deb CUTAN Alcohol Hand Sanitizer FOAM – 6 x 1 litre cartridges

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Deb CUTAN FOAM hand sanitiser. Rapid and broad spectrum of microbiological activity.

  • Deb CUTAN FOAM hand sanitizer is great for frequent use in between hand washing
  • Rapid activity against many common germs – in only 15 seconds
  • 99.999% germ kill
  • Independently tested to the latest European standards


*May be supplied as Deb Instant Foam DIS1000ML (which is an identical product and compatible with the same dispenser)

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Get 1 x Deb Cutan Instant FOAM Hand Sanitizing Dispenser – 1 litre Dispenser FREE with each pack of 6 cartridges, just tick box to add.


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Deb CUTAN Dispenser for Hand Sanitizer - 1 litre

  • Meets the requirements of EN1500, EN1275 and EN1276
  • Will not clog or block dispensing devices and pumps, so preventing unsightly marks on walls and floors
  • After application gloves can be easily applied, as Cutan Foam is free from sticky thickening agents
  • Economical controlled dosage for maximum efficiency

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Weight 6 kg

Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer




Cartridge Systems, Manual Systems

Manual Sanitizing Systems


Deb CUTAN Dispenser for Hand Sanitizer - 1 litre

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