Deb CUTAN Alcohol Hand Sanitizer GEL – 48 x 50 ml personal bottles

Product Code: CAG50ML

Deb Cutan hand sanitizing gel in 50ml personal flip-top bottles

  • Specially formulated, with ethyl alcohol and propyl alcohol, to rapidly disinfect physically clean skin.
  • Deb Cutan gel quickly spreads on the skin to allow for quick and effective use
  • Deb Cutan contains glycerine and panthenol.
  • Starts working immediately to rapidly kill bacteria, yeasts and moulds
  • Deb Cutan can be used prior to applying gloves
  • Dries in approx. 30 seconds to leave the hands sanitised and pleasantly conditioned
  • Formula has been dermatologically tested to prove it is non-irritant


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Deb Cutan hand sanitizer provides a broad spectrum of activity against yeast, moulds, bacteria and viruses, meets the requirements of EN1500, EN1275 and EN1276.

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