Opus CRYSTAL CLEAR – 12 x 400ml aerosols

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Use CRYSTAL CLEAR on windows, table tops, mirrors, show cases, lenses, crystal glass, car windscreens, perspex, etc.
CRYSTAL CLEAR may also be used to clean glass chandeliers without the need to dismantle. Dirt and stains will just float away. Apply as follows.

TO CLEAN CRYSTAL CHANDELIERS: Crystal glass chandeliers may be cleaned in situ. First cover the floor below the chandelier with several layers of discarded newspaper. Ensure electric chandeliers are switched off at mains. Spray chandelier with CRYSTAL CLEAR, and allow to drip dry. Do not switch on again till chandelier has dried out completely. Repeat process if necessary.

Spray CRYSTAL CLEAR from 8 to 12 inches evenly over the surface to be cleaned. Wipe off immediately with a clean white cloth. Do NOT use yellow dusters, since CRYSTAL CLEAR will remove the dye, resulting in smeared glass.

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Opus CRYSTAL CLEAR 400 ml aerosols in a pack of 12.

For bringing a sparkle back to windows, glass, mirrors and bright metals.

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Crystal Clear

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