Brandenburg Genus VIPER 60 Insect Killer

  • Quick and easy, tool free servicing
  • Optional sleeved lamps for added safety in food production areas
  • Free standing, wall mounted or ceiling suspended installation options


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The Genus VIPER 60 High performance unit with high voltage grid and glueboard options, designed for areas of high activity for flying insects.

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Genus® Viper 60 Catcher, Sleeved Lamps VPC60-415-S
Genus® Viper 60 Killer, Sleeved Lamps VPK60-415-S

Dim ensions: 337 x 511 x 134
W eight: 5.5kg (Catcher)
6kg (Killer)

Power: 30 Watts

Electrosect 15 W lamp standard single LUV015-000
Electrosect 15 W lamp sleeved single LUV015-003

Genus® universal glue board 15 pack CBP-1300-15

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Weight 6.5 kg

Glue Board

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Genus VIPER 60

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