Brandenburg Genus COBRA 45 watt Glue Board Fly Killer – IP45

Product Code: CG315-JP-S

The Genus® Cobra Jet was designed to catch flies in areas that require thorough cleaning. The unit is IP45-rated; completely sealed to ensure that water and dirt do not interfere with its effectiveness, making it the perfect fly catcher for wash-down areas like slaughterhouses, canneries, meat and fish processing plants, in fact any wet or wash-down area.

The Genus® Cobra Jet utilises Brandenburg’s same patented Translucent Technology™ as the standard translucent model. The translucent cover emits UV at 180 degree angle to maximise UVA output, this enables it to catch more flies faster while using less electricity, and outperforming other competitor units (independently tested).


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The Cobra Translucent IP45 rated Glue-board Fly-Killer.


  • Protected from water penetration in all directions
  • Unit can remain on while washing
  • No fear of short circuits or down-time

Dimensions: 34.4 x 52.8 x 12.8
Weight: 3.84kg
Power: 45 watts

Additional information

Weight 10 kg

Glue Board

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