Electric Grid Popular Range

Electric Grid Popular Range

Although aimed at the commercial sector, the Insect-a-clear POPULAR range of insect killers is also the choice of many leading pest control companies, as the insect killers incorporate many of the exacting requirements demanded by the professional.

QUANTUM tubes fitted as standard

  • New SYLVANIA technology preserves lamp’s output at 70% over 5000 hours.
  • Will maintain its attractiveness to more insects as the the season approaches its end.
  • QUANTUM is 100% more effective and 40% more powerful.

The following features are incorporated into the Insect-a-clear Popular range of insect destroyers.

  • May be suspended, wall mounted or free standing.
    All steel construction, zinc coated and then powder coated for corrosion resistance.
  • STAINLESS STEEL VERSIONS also available.
    Electrical plug and socket on machine side allows easy isolation for servicing.
  • Removable high voltage grid.
  • Large catchment tray for easy and hygienic disposal of dead insects.
  • Shatter resistant tube option.
  • Conforms BS EN 60335-2-59 and the European EMC directive.
  • Full 2 year guarantee (except tubes & starters).