Swarfega MARINOL - 25 litre drum

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Swarfega MARINOL  is a bilge, tank and deck wash cleaner to remove grease, oil, fats and algae

  • Dilute with either fresh water or sea water at a rate depending on the stubbornness of soiling to be removed, for maximum cost effectiveness.
  • Non-Flammable - Suitable for use and storage in any situation.
  • Non-Caustic - Suitable for use on any surface, with no dulling of paintwork.
  • Free from nonyl-phenol detergents to meet current legislation.
  • Biodegradable - Will degrade in sea water.
  • Swarfega MARINOL is a blend of Anionic and Nonionic surfactants providing good detergency and free rinsing with either salt or fresh water.