Deb CUTAN Gentle Wash 1 litre refill cartridge ref CUJ39J

Deb CUTAN Gentle Wash - 6 x 1 litre cartridges

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A sophisticated ultra high emollient liquid soap, designed for extremely frequent use in clinical areas.

High Emolliency - formulated specifically for frequent use in healthcare environments.
Pleasant to Use - rich, creamy soft soap and light perfume leave skin feeling pleasant after use. Contributes to increased hand washing compliance.
Clear How to Use Instructions - each bottle contains instruction on the correct use of the product.

Get 1 x Cutan Hand Wash wall-mounted dispenser ref PROBO1HW FREE
(RRP £28.14) with every pack of 6 cartridges.

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  • Mild Cleansing - contains mild cleansing agents to help keep the skin clean and fresh.
  • Multi-Ingredient Conditioning Package - contains aloe vera*, glcerin, jojoba and panthenol to help reduce skin dryness often associated with regular hand washing. *aloe vera is only present in 1 Litre
  • Lather Boost Formula - produces a rich, creamy lather to facilitate rapid and effective skin coverage.
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