SUPER-COOL Semi-Synthetic Heavy Duty Metalworking Coolant 5 litre

SUPER-COOL Semi-Synthetic Heavy Duty Metalworking Coolant - 4 x 5 litre pack

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SUPER-COOL is a Semi-Synthetic Heavy Duty Metalworking Coolant

SUPER-COOL is a multi-purpose, bio-stable watermix, semi-synthetic cutting fluid. The product forms a clear blue emulsion on dilution, which remains clear, thus aiding the operator. It is biocide-free yet protected against fungal growth.

SUPER-COOL maintains its lubricating properties and stability at high temperatures, and will not produce toxic fumes. The biocidal technology incorporated, combined with a specially selected fungicide, provides a fluid of exceptional sump life, even under the most arduous conditions.

SUPER-COOL has the important advantage over mineral oil based products, inasmuch as it will not turn rancid, so will not produce offensive odours.

  • SUPER-COOL relies on chemical action for its efficiency. Tool life is greatly improved, and a superior finish is also achieved. SUPER-COOL is thus very cost-effective in use.
  • Slideway lubrication and cutting performance is enhanced by the use of a highly-refined mineral oil base, in combination with specially formulated lubricity additives, and particular emphasis on the use of people-friendly and environmentally-friendly elements.
  • SUPER-COOL is passive to many nonferrous metals, machine tool surfaces and the operator. It is noncarcinogenic, and the risk of occupational dermatitis is lessened when used in accordance with accepted practices of health and safety. It is also chlorine-free 


  • Exceptional sump life
  • No toxic fumes
  • Chlorine-free
  • High resistance to fungal growth
  • Will not go rancid
  • Extended tool life
  • Contains effective rust inhibitors
  • Non-carcinogenic
  • Less risk of dermatitis
  • Suitable for a variety of feedstocks
  • Cost-effective
  • Non-hazardous 
  • N.B. Before changing to SUPER-COOL, the system should first be cleaned and sterilised to eliminate resident bacteria. This is done effectively by using our SYSTEM CLEANER, which is compatible and available from stock.