Swarfega JIZER MARINE – 25 litre drum

Product Code: JZM76K

JIZER MARINE is a quick splitting solvent degreaser for marine applications

  • Quick separation from water, preventing discharge of oil and problems with bilge tanks.
  • Conforms to shipping notice M1610.
  • Less than 10% Aromatic Solvent – Compliant with Marpol 73/78.
  • OSPARCOM – Free from nonyl-phenol detergents to meet current legislation.



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  • Effective – Surfaces are cleaned quickly and effectively.
  • Flash Point 75ºC – Reduced risk of flammable vapours for a higher level of safety.
  • Good Rinsability – Completely rinsable from surfaces, using either sea or fresh water.

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Weight 28 kg

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