BAC-STOP - 1 litre trigger spray

BAC-STOP - 12 x 1 litre trigger spray pack

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Bac-Stop is an immensely powerful heavy duty, ready-to-use, detergent sanitizer for one stage cleaning and disinfecting of hard surfaces.

  • BAC-STOP is a Q.A.C. based ready-to-use liquid bactericidal cleaner for one stage cleaning and disinfecting of most hard surfaces.
  • The blend of QAC bactericides provides a wide spectrum of activity against micro-organisms commonly encountered in food processing areas. 
  • Often preferred to chlorinated products because of its lack of odour. 
  • Safe on all materials of construction.
  • It is ideal for use on work surfaces, machinery, baking tins and utensils, plant, bain maries, process equipment, mincers, mixers, peelers, conveyors, walls, floors, etc. 
  • Formulated for use in food processing & catering.
  • Contains effective odourless QAC bactericide.
    Shifts grease and grime.
  • Economical
  • Spray-on, wipe-off versatility.

  • BAC-STOP holds dirt and grease in suspension, enabling easy rinsing, where rinsing is applicable
  • Spray BAC-STOP onto the surface to be cleaned. Agitate if necessary to remove stubborn soiling, then rinse off under running water if applicable, or wipe off with a clean sanitised cloth.