CLEAR-PANE Glass & Window Cleaner - 25 litre drum

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  • Use CLEAR-PANE on windows, table tops, mirrors, show-cases, glass-topped counters, lenses, cut glass, car windscreens, perspex, etc.
  • Cleans reflective surfaces without streaking or smearing.
  • Ideal for use on all glass surfaces.
  • CLEAR-PANE glass cleaner brightens decorative brass, stainless steel and enamelled surfaces on shop counters, cookers, fridges, dishwashers, commercial vending machines, etc.

  • CLEAR-PANE is safe to use on plastics and perspex.
  • Removes atmospheric and tobacco haze, finger marks, lipstick, crayon, squashed insects, traffic film, etc. It even shifts ingrained grime from textured glass.
  • For cleaning windows etc, CLEAR-PANE should be wiped off immediately with a clean white cloth and buffed to a shine. Do NOT use yellow dusters as CLEAR-PANE will remove the dye, resulting in smeared glass.
  • When using CLEAR-PANE to clean television and computer monitor screens, apply CLEAR-PANE to the cloth, not to the equipment, then wipe over the surface with the equipment switched off.