Brandenburg Genus Spectra Glue Board Fly Killers

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The Genus® Spectra and Genus® Spectra Compact offer a slim- line design for areas where space is at a premium, combined with high fly catch performance and easy servicing.

The Genus® Spectra products have been designed for high UVA output to achieve the quickest flying insect catch rate.
Increasing customer awareness has lead to a demand for higher levels of hygiene and food safety.

  • Unique UVA lamp configuration for faster catch
  • Innovative screen design, hinged for ease of servicing
  • Optional sleeved lamps for added safety
  • Up to 10% energy saving reduced running costs*
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK

Dimensions Spectre: 318 x 518 x 69
Dimensions Spectra Compact: 162 x 518 x 69
Weight Spectra: 3.0 kg
Weight Spectra Compact: 2.0 kg
Power Spectra: 72 Watts
Power Spectra Compact: 36 Watts

36w standard lamp LUV036-000
36w sleeved lamp LUV036-003

Genus® universal glue board 20 x 15 pack CBP-1300-15-20M
Genus® universal glue board 15 pack CBP-1300-15