GOJO Hand Medic 500ml refill 8242-06 for Accent dispenser
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GOJO HAND MEDIC Antiseptic Skin Treatment - 6 x 500 ml bag-in box refill packs

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GOJO Hand Medic in a case of 6 x 500 ml refill bags for use in the 8200 dispenser.

Expiry date 10/15.

Returns of these products will not be allowed.

GOJO Hand Medic Antiseptic skin treatment quickly improves the condition of rough, dry, damaged skin, restoring it to a healthy appearance. Hand Medic helps protect and maintain the natural barriers the skin needs to stay healthy and clean up faster.

Use this pack with HAND MEDIC DISPENSER ref 8200 black (illustrated below) (not included in this pack)

  • Use Hand Medic before and after work to prevent dry, chapped hands.
  • Gentle, yet affective antiseptics kill germs and help the healing process.
  • Water-based formula of Hand Medic contains no silicones, oils or added fragrances.
  • Hand medic is safe to use under latex gloves.
  • Absorbs quickly without the greasy feel of many other creams
  • Restores and maintains the skin's natural moisture level and elasticity.
  • Hand Medic may also be used as an after-work after-care cream.