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Opus SALVO-GEL - 6 x 1000 ml refill cartridges

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Opus SALVO-GEL now available in a case of 6 x 1000 ml refill cartridges for use in the new Opus 1 litre cartridge dispenser

Use this cartridge in Opus 1 litre dispenser ref. DISPWF1L

Get a 1 litre cartridge dispenser for only £6.00 with each case of 1 litre cartridges you buy.
Additional dispensers £11.25 each

  • Opus SALVO-GEL contains glycerine to counteract dehydration and dryness, so keep the skin in good condition.
  • Rub Opus SALVO-GEL all over visually clean hands and lower arms.
  • Alcohol gel hand sanitizer is even effective on rubber and latex gloves.
  • SALVO-GEL will dry rapidly without the need for a towel, leaving the hands 99.999% germ-free
  • ALCOHOL GEL HAND SANITIZERS DO NOT DRY THE SKIN! Clinical studies have shown that a properly formulated alcohol-based hand sanitizer with emollients is actually better tolerated than soap-and-water hand washing - non-drying and non-irritating.
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