The AIRFORCE range of hand dryers is manufactured by World Dryer Corp'n. Introduced in 2007, it is now the best-selling hand dryer in UK.

3 year on-site guarantee.

The AIRFORCE hand dryer forces air through 11 nozzles at high speed, using a low power output of just 1.1kW. This provides a fast dry time of 15 seconds, which leads to the lowest energy consumption, and therefore lowest running costs, of any hand dryer in its class. Eco-friendly too. 

 HELPLINE 01384 671505

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  • Noise reduction technology has improved noise output in the Mk III model down to just 79dB.
  • Replaceable air intake filter supplied as standard.
  • Airforce employs SteriTouch antibacterial surface protection over the entire white and black units, and on the air outlets of the chrome versions.
  • No maintenance or cleaning routines.
  • Enjoy terrific savings on energy by installing Airforce dryers, and know that the purchase price is around half that of other well-known low energy dryers. 55% more energy efficient than other low energy dryers.
  • 3 year on-site guarantee.
  • Lowest energy use in its class - just 1.1kW
  • Available in white, polished chrome, brushed chrome and black